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Whether you are the human resources director, manage a sales team or a production company, it really doesn’t matter, because what you really are, is a people manager. Regardless of the industry, your company, or even your job title, all managers are people managers, and responsible for the production and success of their team/s. Mangers must lead, motivate, inspire, and encourage their people – manager’s also have to sometimes hire, fire, and discipline, or evaluate employees. 


You will encounter many different types of people during your management career, and will have to understand the various personality traits and group dynamics that influence the success of your department, business, or organization. Adaptability, flexibility, empathy, people skills, and emotional / social intelligence are but some of the characteristics successful managers require to manage their staff – a manager also needs to understand that if a person or team is too analytical, there will be little creativity. This might sometimes result in having to change your own communication and management style and approach with each individual in the team.

Target Audience -  Who should attend?

  • Sales Personnel
    • New Business Consultants
    • Key Account Managers
    • Engineers & Technicians that Sell
    • Field Service Representatives
    • Senior Telesales Personnel
  • Management
    • Sales Managers
    • Sales Team Leaders
    • General Managers
    • Selling MD’s and CEO’s
    • Business Owners
    • Customer Service Managers
    • HR Managers
    • Project Managers
    • Business Supervisors
  • Key Functions
    • Marketing Managers
    • Communication Managers
    • Research and Development Personnel
    • Product Managers
    • Credit and Billing Specialists
    • HR & Training
  • Customer Interfacing Personnel
    • Customer Service Personnel
    • Consultants
    • Key Technical Personnel


  • Employee personality and Interpersonal skills. Here, participants learn about themselves “How does my personality affect my behaviour when dealing with customers”?
  • Communication techniques both face to face and telephonically. Participants learn how to use the correct communication style and tools in different situations.
  • Conflict resolution / Problem solving skills. We work on common conflict resolution strategies as well as personal conflict patterns and dynamics.
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning. Ensure attraction and retention of the appropriate people for your business
  • Performance Management. Address productivity and non performance – understand employee relations and labour processes.
  • People or Individual development – includes on boarding and socialisation process. Ensure that the appropriate knowledge and skills for the team and business are identified and integrated.
  • Recruitment and Selection Understand the policies, process and approach e.g. competency based interviewing.
  • Professional Image & Business Impact Aspects of Social Etiquette, Dress Code and how to handle social networks.


4 Day – workshop (Workplace assessment methodology)

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