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We live in an era of greater transparency and authenticity, and the reality is that Social Media is rapidly delivering a new standard of interacting with customers. However, getting started and doing it right takes careful planning. Social networks are based on the same premise of socialising in real life. If you want to talk to someone, you go and talk to them, or give them reason to talk to you. If you want to engage, you talk, you listen, and then you respond. 

The next generation of consumers are used to switching off if they don’t like your message. If you tweet something they don’t agree with, they unfollow you. If they are not interested in what’s on TV, they go to YouTube. The consumer is in the power seat and if you want them to choose your brand, you need to be visible, engaging and authentic on Social Media.

One cannot underestimate the power of engagement as a means of strengthening relationships and trust in your brand. Social Media is the best platform to facilitate this - your audience is already there. The Social Media Intermediate course is therefore designed to assist you with the selection and creation of effective profiling and communication on key Social Media platforms.


The course is made up of six modules that can be completed within a two-month period. Each module consists of an introductory video and an interactive PDF document with course notes, assignments and recommended online resources. At the end of each module is a multiple choice exercise that is compulsory, and students need to achieve an average of 65% in order to be awarded a certificate. At the end of all six modules the students are given a summative assessment in the form of a project. This too must be successfully completed for those students wanting full certification. 

The Programme includes

  • Understanding of the Social Media planning process.
  • The importance of Social Media when developing an off-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.
  • How to use Facebook to grow your business through customer engagement.
  • How to use LinkedIn to showcase your business and connect with opinion leaders.
  • How to use Google+ to grow your business through connecting and sharing.
  • Understanding of Twitter as a real-time marketing tactic 

Target Audience - Who should attend? 

Business professionals who wish to grow to their businesses using key Social Media platforms.


Two months – Self study

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