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Social Media has become a vital part of the marketing mix for companies across the spectrum and nowadays managing a presence on social media platforms has become a must. Lacking profiles on key platforms will hinder the success of those companies looking to reach greater exposure in the digital market. Not only can social media enable a company to showcase their brand, but it also facilitates the process of developing a loyal customer base of fans or followers. In
this era of greater transparency and authenticity, social media is also able to enhance company trustworthiness and the reality is that social media is rapidly delivering a new standard of interacting with customers.

 The Social Media Advance course is therefore designed to assist you to incorporate social media as part of your integrated marketing strategy. It will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to plan and manage your communications and marketing through the most appropriate and influential social networks and measure the results by making use of free online tools.


The course is made up of seven modules that can be completed within a six month period. The course do not have a fixed timeframe for completion. The Programme includes 

  • How to make social media part of your marketing strategy by developing a social media strategy.
  • Understanding of online research in order to understand and predict customer behaviour.
  • Developing a content marketing framework.
  • The value of blogging and the process one needs to take to research the blogosphere, create content for a blog and monitor a blog.
  • Tools and tactics that can be used to increase customer engagement and drive sales on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ 
  • Measure social return on investment 

Target Audience - Who should attend? 

Business professionals who wish to grow their businesses by incorporating social media as part of their integrated marketing strategy. 


Six months – Self study (Do not have a fixed time period for completion)

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