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Leadership, management, and supervising are important entities within the organisation. Although their functionalities are similar in some aspects, they require a different outlook, skill, and behaviour. Good managers should strive to be good leaders, and good leaders need management skills to be effective within the workplace and organisation. 

The most important asset within an organisation is its people. To successfully differentiate your business from your competitors - competence, knowledge, and skills, are the Key Drivers to Success. These elements play a crucial role in productivity, efficiency, and prosperity of the individual, the business sector, revenue, and the economy. Hence the fact that managers and leaders require techniques to continuously develop, coach, and grow their people.  Effective leaders and managers will also empower their staff to engage in valuable business relationships, and will teach and coach their people to 

Target Audience - Who should attend?

  • Executive Management
  • General Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Business Heads
  • Departmental Heads
  • Team Leads
  • Sales Managers
  • Project Manager


Learn the importance of Leadership,Management and Supervising

Gain understanding into: 

  • The Leadership challenge
  • Principles of leadership
  • Values and assumptions of leaders
  • People dynamics 
  • Strategic thinking and the use of strategic models and tools
  • Developing creative and innovative solutions to your business challenges
  • Growing your organisation through effective management skills and techniques 
  • Leading complex change
  • Importance of effective communication in leading Balancing power and authority

Develop Leadership and Management skills:

  • Dynamic decision making
  • Set challenging but achievable goals
  • Effective planning 
  • Achieving goals through time management
  • Auditing your environment
  • Effectively coach and mentor to develop people

Learn keys to success by: 

  • Empowering your people
  • Increase personal and team productivity through controlling priorities
  • Understanding and managing stress
  • Exercising power and authority productively 
  • Achieving results through communication and persuasion
  • Motivating for success


NOTE: Course includes a NBI Whole Brain Profile Evaluation which gives insight
into thinking, communication and behaviour characteristics. Delegates will need
to complete this online assessment before attending the course. Feedback and
individual reports will be given out during the course.


5 Day workshop


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