Growth in Motion


Programme Outline

The  Integrated Business Development Programme is an unique and advanced business acumen learning programme that aims to provide participants with skills to develop the necessary confidence, business acumen and inter-personal effectiveness to positively pursue organisational


The programme provides organizations with powerful learning and training support with practical applications for the organisation as well as for the individual

The Programme includes:

BTLS Business Thinking and Leadership Styles, a modern business orientated thinking styles 

  profile  in inter-personal effectiveness, innovation, coaching and leadership. It helps to understand 

  oneself  and others and how we communicate intuitively

Shadowmatch workplace habits profile that includes benchmarking of the work habits of proven

   successful people in specific work areas. It helps to determine how a person relates to top

   performers in same job role

ComSIM Business Acumen programme with applied business simulation.

  Focused experiential learning with immediate application of learned theory. ComSIM represents a

  live case study with dynamic decision makings  and outcomes


  • 3/4/5 Day workshop depending on the level of learners


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