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Programme Outline

The purpose of this learning intervention is to introduce change management principles to project managers to enable them to identify change management requirements for each project they are responsible for. By understanding diversity among people in a workplace, the role and importance played by managing change in attitudes, and the attributes of a good change agent, will contribute to the successful implementation of projects.
The programme has been developed according to the Units standard 115407.
"Apply the principles of change management in the workplace " on a NQF level 5.
On successful completion the delegate will obtain 10 credits.


  • Explain why Change Management (CM) is an important Process for organizations to achieve trading results.
  • Identify examples of Planned Change and Reactive Change in an organization.
  • Describe a Model for effective Change Management and its management.
  • Identify reasons for resistance to change and indicate ways to overcome them.
  • Identify the risks inherent in any Change Management Programme (CMP) and indicate ways to manage them.
  • Identify and apply the competencies of an effective Change Agent.


  • The programme is aligned to Unit Standard 115407 “Apply the principles of change management in the workplace“ providing 10 Credits on NQF level 5.
  • The programme will be based on workshop, self-study and Individual activities which will then be summarised and assisted with during the face-to-face intervention.
  • The learner will do a knowledge assessment after the face-to-face intervention and then he/she has to submit a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) within 3 months to be assessed and accredited.


This Learning Programme is classroom-based as well as an on-the-job application where learners complete a Portfolio of Evidence (POE).
To obtain the 10 credits the following is required :
  • 3 days Classroom- based workshop
  • Written summative assessment of an hour
  • Summative Assessment: Assignments
  • POE's must be submitted on the day agreed by delegate and the Assessor
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