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Programme Outline

This is the “new kid on the block” in terms of labour legislation and a grasp of its content is essential to avoiding making costly mistakes, which will impact your productivity outputs and human capital capacity:

The purpose of this programme is to assist managers; supervisors, shop stewards, committee representatives (Skills development, Employment Equity,) Employer and workplace forum members to understand this key pieces of labour legislation in the context of:

  • History and origins – context and platform for implementation
  • What it entails – this is presented in an easy to follow manner to ensure grasp and understanding is assured regardless of lack of labour law background and/or experience
  • Practical application in your environment and according to roles played in the organization – how to make this knowledge work for you and your organization, pitfalls and challenges that can be experienced.

The outcome to be achieved is a confident grasp of legislation to ensure effective application and usage


1-day workshop


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