Growth in Motion


Programme Outline

Employee productivity and outputs is impacted by misconduct and most employers are fearful to address these issues or address them impulsively and incorrectly resulting in costly visits to the CCMA and Labour Court. The purpose of this programme is to assist managers; supervisors and shop stewards to learn in a simple easy- to- follow manner how to manage this significant issue skillfully, practically, and correctly to ensure continued workplace harmony and productivity without the hassle, fuss and fear that usually accompanies dealing with misconduct. Aligned to this outcome our programme provides:

  • Full understanding of all areas of misconduct, helping employer representatives to correctly identify issues in order to address correctly.
  • Provision of key tools to use in the workplace to ensure consistency and fair practice occurs
  • Update on recent case law to provide context
  • Preparing for the misconduct hearing as the complainant and/or representative
  • Encouraging partnership between shop stewards, employee representatives and management to enable fair and equitable approach is adopted while enabling ongoing productivity


1-day workshop


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