Growth in Motion


Programme Outline

Failing to have effective chairpersons in your organization who are able to fairly and correctly chair hearings can result in problems not only in terms of inequitable and inconsistent practices in the workplace but also land your business in hot water at the CCMA and Labour court. If you wish to build internal capacity around this final stage in incapacity and misconduct processes, wish to avoid expensive consulting costs and/or in light of the extensive labour issues experienced in your organization then this is the programme for you. The purpose of this programme is to assist managers, supervisors and professionals to learn how to chair hearings by the provision of:

  • Procedural guidelines that are applicable
  • Proper assessment for substantive fairness and consistency
  • Practical application in your environment and according to roles played in the organization – how to make this knowledge work for you and your organization, pitfalls and challenges that can be experienced.
  • Provision of key tools to use in completing hearings
  • Update on recent case law to provide context


1-day workshop


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