Growth in Motion


Programme Outline

The purpose of this programme is to assist managers; supervisors, shop stewards, committee representatives (Skills development, Employment Equity etc.) and Employer and workplace forum members to understand this key piece of labour legislation in the context of:

  • History and origins – context and platform for implementation
  • What it entails – this is presented in an easy to follow manner to ensure grasp and understanding is assured regardless of lack of labour law background and/or experience
  • Practical application in your environment and according to roles played in the organization – how to make this knowledge work for you and your organization, pitfalls and challenges that can be experienced.
  • The SA legal Framework in relation to piece of legislation. Recent case law as applicable
  • Benchmarks of organisations using this legislation for competition advantage in the context of diversity and non discriminatory practices

The outcomes to be achieved in confident grasp of legislation to ensure effective application and usage


1-day workshop


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