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Programme Outline

Business communication skills are crucial at all levels. Develop the techniques of how to master clear and effective communication in business and in the workplace, as this can distinguish between success and failure.

Regardless whether you’re talking about business to peers, interacting with colleagues, friends, or family, you have to ensure that you are heard and understood. You will also learn how to effectively lead in the workplace or business, by engaging through the spoken and written word.

Target Audience

  • Any person that needs to deal with other people successfully to gain mutual understanding.


  • Develop effective listening techniques
  • Understand the effect of verbal, non-verbal, and written communication
  • Understand the importance of eye contact and body language
  • Learn how to write a speech or prepare a presentation
  • Understand how to develop communication skills for business success and resilience
  • Learn how to get your message across successfully
  • Understand the importance of pronunciation
  • Manage difficult customers and staff
  • Master the techniques of providing constructive feedback
  • Learn how to lead, manage, and Influence


2 Day workshop


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