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Programme Outline

What exactly makes a decision ethical? The problem with ethics is that what may seem morally right (or ethical) to one person, may seem appalling to another.
This workshop will not provide you with an easy way to solve every ethical decision you will ever have to make. It will however help you define your ethical framework, in order to make the solving of those ethical dilemmas easier. We will also look at some techniques that will assist you when you’re stuck in an ethical quandary, as well as tools that you can use when faced
with an ethical decision in the workplace or business.

Target Audience

  • Management
  • Sales People
  • Human Resource Practitioners
  • Training staff
  • Business Account Managers


  • Understand the difference between ethics and morals
  • Know what is required to start developing an office code of ethics
  • Understand the impact of ethical decision making
  • Develop techniques and skills to deal with ethical challenges in the office and in the business
  • Understand the value of ethics
  • Develop your decision making skills
  • Learn the tools specific to ethical decision making in the office and in the business


1 Day workshop


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