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Programme Outline

The Sales Manager is solely responsible for the performance and success of a sales team. The role of the Sales Manager also contributes towards revenue, and the achievement of strategic objectives and goals, of a business. Equipping yourself and your sales team with the techniques of sales management is the best investment for your company.

In today’s competitive environment, sales performance goes way beyond product knowledge and customer service. Remaining relevant and upto-date with market trends, organisational brand, and global industry developments, is fundamental to boosting sales performance and achievements.

In the 2 day workshop you will learn that product knowledge combined with practical skills and insight into your sales strategy, are the tools required to equip sales teams on how to achieve business success. You will also understand and manage the global differences that impact dynamic sales teams through personal leadership and management styles.

Target Audience - Who should attend?

  • Sales Personnel
    • New Business Consultants
    • Key Account Managers
    • Engineers & Technicians that Sell
    • Senior Telesales Personnel
  • Management
    • Sales Managers
    • Sales Team Leaders
    • General Managers
    • Selling MD’s and CEO’s
    • Business Owners
    • Customer Service Managers
    • HR Managers
    • Project Managers


• Explain the dynamic changes in the world of work and how these impact on the sales environment

• Analyse the role of the Sales Manager with respect to the sales management and sales process

• Develop a sales culture

• Understand the effect of the Recruitment and Selection process

• Explain the Performance Management process relating to the management of the sales process, and the factors that impact on        human performance

• Understand the principles of coaching in order to monitor and assess performance in the workplace

• Learn the importance of your influencing ability

• Understand the impact of interpersonal effectiveness and negotiating skills

• Understand the success of stakeholder - relationship management


3 Day workshop (Workplace assessment methodology)

Customized programme – depends on the content (Workplace assessment methodology)

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