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Programme Outline

Human nature has taught us to divide our needs into two categories, must have and nice to have. However, by categorising needs in this way, we could miss out on opportunities.  Once we achieve a must have goal, the tendency is to move on to the next milestone, postponing the nice to have goals to a future date when we will have surplus funds or more time. Yet, the very goals we reschedule could generate that surplus or create the extra time we need.

Practice management is a must have – yet, practice management is often deemed a nice to have. For many sales people, the need to see clients and ensure an immediate income stream, takes precedence over the longer-term planning and other activities involved in practice management. But beware. This short-term approach has inevitable consequences. For sustainable and profitable business - the solution lies in adopting best practices.  Look beyond operational issues - we tend to consider day-to-day processes as the essence of practice management.

Your programme must also address the long-term strategic issues essential to your business continuity, like business planning, risk management and succession planning.

During the 2 day workshop you will learn how to grow and develop a sustainable, profitable business, whilst adopting the solution of best practices as core strategy and process that deliver the best results in any business.

Target Audience - Who should attend?

  • Business Owners
  • Financial Advisers
  • Broker Consultants
  • Sales Personnel
  • Sales Managers


  • Understand the essence of Practice Management
  • Identify the personalities in your business, the impact, and the reward thereof
  • Understand how to research global best practices in order to identify the most appropriate solutions for your business
  • Learn to look beyond operational issues when addressing long-term strategic issues essential to business continuity, e.g. business planning, risk management and succession planning
  • Learn to structure an implementation plan
  • Identify the elements that will deliver early, tangible results, and are relatively easy to implement
  • Involve all your personnel - you do not need resistance to change when you can capitalize on the valuable contributions your staff can make
  • Combine aspects of compliance, technology, and practice management, to enhance your efficiency and profitability
  • Ensure you can measure the value of practice management in your business


2 Day workshop (Workplace assessment methodology)

Customized programme – depends on the content (Workplace assessment methodology)

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