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Programme Outline

Customer service is at the core of every business, and is about leaving others with a sense of ‘having had a great experience’, regardless of what it was that they required - this requires emotional and professional skills, but most importantly, the wish and attitude to really want to make a difference. Customers fall under the category of peers, superiors, colleagues, suppliers, business stakeholders and business clients.


Target Audience - Who should attend?

  • Customer facing employees
  • Personal assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Customer service consultants
  • Administration officers
  • Technical and support personnel
  • Field service representatives
  • Account managers
  • Business owners


  • Customer service: Developing customer service skills are about focussing on the meaning and the importance of customer satisfaction.
  • Employee personality: Here, participants learn about themselves “How does my personality affect my behaviour when dealing with customers?”
  • Communication techniques both face to face and telephonically: Participants learn how to use the correct communication style and tools in different situations.
  • Conflict resolution / Problem solving skills: We work on common conflict resolution strategies as well as personal conflict patterns and dynamics.
  • Sales skills: We increase participants’ confidence to sell by introducing sales techniques.. They learn how to emphasise benefits of a service or product and how to structure the price discussion.
  • Professional Image & Business Impact: Understand the importance of Business and Social Protocol and Etiquette, Dress Code and how to handle social networks


4 Day workshop


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