We have been through a roller coaster of feelings. Starting with uncertainty, fear, trepidation, anger, frustration and of late excitement as we wait in anticipation to see where our roles and responsibilities sit in the phase back to work approach.

Does back to work mean swinging into our lives pre-Covid-19? Definitely not! The world as we know it is transforming before our eyes as we maneuver the normal of today and prepare for the new world of work that awaits us.

I, for, one was always a compulsive hand washer. From the onset of the coronavirus, I wash my hands to the point where they have a trendy gnarled look. That is something we will all have to become used to, (not the gnarled look), but the consistent hand washing as company policies and procedures change will include this as well as masks, gloves, hand sanitisers and a whole host of cleaning rules.

Are you, as an employer or employee or student, mentally prepared for what tomorrow holds? At Growth in Motion, we can help you prepare with adaptation strategies as we all work towards squashing the curve and survive in the new world of work. We are equipped to delivery change management interventions on a virtual platform and guide you on how to keep communications timeous and relevant when engaging with an impacted audience.

“Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible”
Christopher Reeve

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