Social Responsibility

At Growth In Motion, we strongly believe in helping others.

Our team is made of people from different walks of life. However, we have one thing that keeps us focused and that is the principle of making a difference in the lives of others. To ensure we make the maximum impact and help those in need meet their goals, we have carefully selected to work together with causes that are close to the hearts of the members of our team. This means that when we give back, or pay it forward, its not just financially, but in time and effort as well.

Our very own In-House Initiative
Mind the Gap is our very own In-House program where we empower unemployed individuals to gain the necessary certificates to enter the Financial Services Sector.

The project consists of workshops at no cost to the learner, which provide the necessary knowledge and skills that will help prepare delegates for employment within the Financial Services Sector. We also assist with FAIS compliant placements in either a Call Centre environment, or in face-to-face opportunities. Please contact us directly if your business would like to become involved in uplifting unemployed youth to enter the Financial Services Sector.

MIAGI invest in human capacity through music. Human capacity is the only way to functioning, healthy and sustainable societies. These are the fundamental believes at MIAGI. That music moves people, music strengthens people emotionally, music helps people to connect across all borders. MIAGI – MUSIC IS A GREAT INVESTMENT is a Section 21 company, a not for profit based in South Africa, established in 2001 with the support of the South African Department of Arts and Culture.

The Hamlet Foundation, founded in 1954 is an NGO which is located in Bertha Street, Turffontein, Johannesburg. The Hamlet School, which benefits from the foundation, caters for intellectually disabled learners, workers and a larger community. They have grown over the years and developed to include a school for 270 intellectually disabled children, a residential center for 54-60 intellectually disabled adults and a protective workshop for 200 intellectually disabled adult workers.

Hamlet aims to develop and empower the individual towards achieving their maximum potential, enabling them to lead as normal a life as possible.