Earlier this week, I had a meaningful conversation with one of my coaching clients.

After two months into COVID-19 my client was concerned that her learning was put on hold as with many other things that we all have experienced. In March this year, she had this journey mapped out with short- and long-term goals. Top of the list was working towards work-life balance where life was very much becoming a better version of herself as far as her career was concerned. To achieve this, we discussed a variety of possibilities to get her there. We made a list of books to read, movies to watch, hobbies that she was keen on and spending more time with her family. As with all of us, COVID-19 came along, and we all had to press the 2020 reset button a few times. My client found herself juggling working from home with taking on the role of teacher, cook, gardener, mother and since the balance wasn’t there, she forgot to be a student.

So, this week, we revisited that and pushed learning to the top of the list. My client was comfortable to do this when I demonstrated all the avenues she had at her fingertips. She has signed into the Growth in Motion website, accessed our continuous professional development courses linked to the professional skills she wants to enhance and is keen to attend the RE online workshop. She was impressed and so comfortable with how the content has been packaged, as it suited her learning style and her learning pace.

RE Workshop

We have adapted all our offerings for a seamless execution on a hybrid platform. The choice lies with you. Digital transformation is here to stay, so why not try our online workshop. Still yearning for the face-to-face interaction. We’ve got your back – attend our traditional classroom sessions.

If your career aspirations are leaning towards becoming a Representative or a Key Individual in your organisation, I urge you to sign up for our RE workshops through the following contact points:

Contact Stefanie Bruwer on (011) 477 3263 or 083 454 1045 or send a mail to

Let me leave you with a quote from Simon Sinek as you start to own your future.