Sonja Herholdt is a household name in South Africa. As an acclaimed artist, this beautiful lady has won several accolades for her popular Afrikaans songs, and she is admired by many, especially women who hold her high in esteem.

Many women can identify with Sonja who went through a divorce and found herself in financial dire straits. This can be very scary, and it is a situation that can be avoided with some awareness and education.

Especially during our current economic climate and the impact that COVID-19 has had on many relationships, many women are finding themselves in a predicament where their financial knowledge is lacking. Sonja has started a brilliant initiative and has opened up about her journey regarding her struggles with finances. At the end of this blog, you will find a link to the video where Sonja shares her story with us creating awareness and imparting her knowledge and learnings on financial freedom. As a future-focused individual Sonja highlights a few questions that you should ask your spouse/partner regarding finances in preparation for some of the inevitable life situations that impact us. Every woman, old or young, should see this video because so many women are disillusioned when they discover the reality around their household finances. The proceeds from this video course will go to the Sonja Herholdt foundation where education for women continues.

On 25th September 2021, Sonja and Anthony Campher, Head of Academy from Growth in Motion will be featured on Ontbytsake, an Afrikaans breakfast programme on the KykNet channel. Be sure to tune into this discussion that we believe will have a positive impact on you as we all need to financially prepared for those ill-fated circumstances that may come our way.

Click on this link https://gimacademy.africa/course-info?cid=226, type in Sonja in the search field to access the course “What woman need to know – A Consumer Education Initiative with Sonja Herholdt”.