Cyber-attacks are a reality that can affect us all. Think about it, if successful, cyber-attacks can damage your business causing major disruptions like downtime and loss of data which in turn has a negative financial impact.

Businesses should make it their top priority to train all employees on cyber security related topics.

Growth in Motion have partnered with Cyber Academy and are offering various short courses containing key takeaways and practical tips that will assist users to make the correct choices in difficult situations and foster good habits company-wide.

About the training course
Interactive training and lessons from ethical hackers are what ensures a deep understanding and long-term Cyber Awareness course retention. The multi-media approach educates learners on the do’s and don’ts of using business IT infrastructure. The team of experts bring a unique skill set and a wealth of experience in information security, technological expertise, and real-life ethical hacking experience. A variety of topics as outlined below are covered in the training.

Meet the Hacker
Social Engineering
Physical Security
Malware and Ransomware
Personal Security
Mobile Security
Password Protection
Do not become another statistic. Click on this link, type in Cyber in the search bar to access the “Cyber Security Awareness” course, create awareness and reduce your vulnerability to cyber-attacks.