The insurance industry in South Africa has a very strong Afrikaans origin and this continues today with many insurance companies serving their customers specifically in Afrikaans.

There are many Afrikaans-speaking people who may prefer to be updated in their mother tongue on changes in legislation, new ways of looking at financial advice and planning, as well as so many other aspects of personal development. Some of this information and concepts are complex. When the information needs to be passed on to a client again, it is best to receive it firsthand in one’s own language. At the request of many advisors, we are launching a series of Continuous Professional Development courses in Afrikaans. These courses are currently in English and can now be enjoyed in Afrikaans. This popular package comprises of 14 “CPD” hours and includes favoured courses in the following categories: Professional Knowledge, Ethics and Regulatory updates.

The industry is accustomed to the term “CPD” – Continuous Professional development which in Afrikaans is referred to as Kontinue Professionele Ontwikkeling, or KPO.
Power up your learning with our limited offer of the 14 CPD hours package for only R550 (excluding VAT). If you were to purchase the courses individually, it would cost you more than R1400.

To earn your CPD hours or points in Afrikaans, click on the following link to register. and click on the Afrikaans CPD link. You can also type the word “pakket” into the search space to get more information about this amazing, limited offer.

On 25 September 2021, Anthony Campher, Head of GIM Academy made a guest appearance on Ontbytsake, an Afrikaans breakfast program, on the KykNet channel 144. During the broadcast, Anthony shed more light on the Afrikaans CPD offering as well as a Consumer Education initiative done in collaboration  with Sonja Herholdt, well-loved Afrikaans singer, songwriter and entertainer, in her endeavour to create financial awareness for women. You can watch the re-broadcast of this episode on channel 144 or on DSTV CatchUp until Friday the 1st of October.