If there is anything the past 18 months has taught us, is that change is constant.

What else is constant? Learning of course. This all goes hand in hand when one looks at how important it is for business to optimise on learning opportunities for their employees and individuals to embrace continuous learning to remain relevant, competitive, and marketable.

The Role of Learning and Development in Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The constant need for change and adaptation in the business world together with the regulatory requirement for continuous professional development (CPD) places a huge strain on businesses, namely the learning and development departments. At Growth in Motion, we engage frequently with learning and development departments who work closely with leaders, encouraging them to keep up to date by improving people’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in this ever-changing environment. For organisations to get ahead of the curve, there is a pressing need to set the scene for growth and development by encouraging life-long learning which will benefit both the companies and their employees in the long run.

Traditional, formal learning is no longer enough, and there is a need for more agile ways of finding and developing learning resources. It is time for organisations to make their people strategies stick by creating a growth mindset amongst their staff complement, ensuring organisational agility and adaptability.

Trying to grow a learning culture may come with many new challenges and possible pitfalls. It requires the implementation of new learning methods and teaching people how to adopt them. It is time for learning and development departments and leaders to spearhead the continuous learning culture recalibrating, adapting and embracing opportunities with an agile and collaborative mindset.

Grow your learning culture with Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Not only are organisations required to meet the continuous professional development (CPD) requirement for compliance purposes, but are also confronted with a pandemic which inhibits them from delivering learning interventions in the traditional way. Growth in Motion, through our online learning platform GIM Academy, already assisted many organisations with this challenging transformation process.

We offer a variety of courses many of which have been well received as they address some of the challenges individuals and organisations are facing considering the pandemic. Other courses such as regulatory updates and ethics, ensure alignment between internal processes and the regulator’s requirements.

The stellar reputation of our hands on support team combined with our highly acclaimed courses will give organisations the impetus that they may need to get their CPD programs running smoothly. Through research, our own learning culture, and experiences of our large clients, we are geared to help organisations manoeuvre through these changes. We have over 50 CPD courses to get your employees interested in the learning experience and meet the CPD requirement as set out by the regulator.

The current CPD cycle started on 1 June 2021. It is time to launch your continuous learning journey. Click here to register for a course that will enrich your learning and career aspirations.