As a result of the lockdown brought about by COVID-19, Growth in Motion advocates remote learning as we all adapt to our new way of working and learning.

The anxiety around the pandemic makes life extremely tough for everyone; especially learners who are struggling with connectivity, data, and devices etc. which is impacting their learning journey. Despite this, we have engaged with many learners who have shown incredible resilience and resourcefulness during these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, there are still a fair percentage of learners who simply cannot locate that trigger to launch their new normal in learning.

At Growth in Motion, we are well-known for providing high quality, customised learning through our interactive delivery methodology, user-friendly content, easily accessible learner management system, passionate and hands-on facilitators, and our world class support team especially about Regulatory Examination (RE) preparation workshops. We have interviewed some learners to find out what is holding them back. We have noted our findings with some solutions that can assist learners facing similar challenges.

Findings and Solutions

As learners, we need to own some of these findings. Here is something practical and simple to start forming new habits and remain motivated.

What our learners are saying