Did that title capture your attention? Let’s hope I can do it some justice with my theory.

So, experts all over the world have been belching out how we will never return to the old ways of doing things. Hmmm, hybrid working is here to stay, but that doesn’t have to be all negative. There is nothing stopping us from getting in touch with our creative instincts and incorporating some variety and getting the best out of how we work. Why not move our office from indoors to outdoors? The benefits are enormous – getting our fill of Vitamin D, breathing in the fresh air and all those good things that have been drummed into us as we wade our way through the coronavirus crisis. We have come this far, we got this!

Let’s touch on some of the rays of “normality” that sparks off those feel good hormones?


If you are a cricket fan (which I am), you will enjoy watching the Indian Premier League (IPL) on television. I am talking to those of us who are happy to sit on the couch and couldn’t afford to jet off to India in the past years and in 2020, to the United Arab Emirates. What do we have? Same teams, familiar faces of cricketing heroes, past and present and the heat of the UAE. What’s missing? The spectators of course. A bit of a psychological challenge for the players, but the event organisers have pre-recordings of the fans cheering for those exciting moments when a wicket is taken or AB hitting one of his much-anticipated sixes. For me personally, I love that I can still watch it on the television and appreciate all the fireworks as I did over the previous years.

Cooking Shows

The food and entertainment industry took a hard hit during the lockdown. Things are opening up a bit, but what is the “normality” here? Live-Cook Channel hosts a show where you cook with celebrity chefs in the comfort of your own kitchen. All you need to do is book your tickets online, you get the ingredients delivered to your home and you cook a signature dish under the guidance of a professional chef. I love cooking and am always on the hunt for new and innovative ways of whipping up a delicious and healthy meal. Don’t miss this thoroughly enjoyable experience and you won’t even realise that you are not at a cooking school. Unfortunately, you still have to clean your own dishes at the end.

Beauty Pageants

Did you know that that the Miss South Africa beauty pageant was held on Saturday night, 24 October 2020 with Shudufhadzo Musida winning the coveted title? Well, I haven’t been to a live event before, so for me watching the competition on television or reading about it in the news is normal. The point I want to make is that this is another example of normal for most of us.

What other aspects of “normality” do we have to keep us moving forward. One of my favourite pastimes is visiting bookstores and browsing through the shelves picking up a precious read or two. Now I have the luxury of sitting in my home, surfing through the online store, selecting my nuggets of gold and then waiting in anticipation for them to arrive.

I have friends who have picked up on their hiking, cycling, running, and have started lifting weights and all within the constraints of COVID-19 guidelines. Why not try something new? Maybe some gardening, where you can try your hand at planting veggies and creating a sustainable future for you and your family. The online yoga classes are super in the comfort of your own home. You will save on gym fees and you can attend class in your pyjamas. Isn’t that deliciously scandalous! 

These are just some of the things we can still enjoy doing as long as we are responsible and follow the COVID-19 guidelines. Why don’t you make your list of the rays of “normality” that are filtering through your life? Feelings of humility and gratitude will course through you as you realise how fortunate you are.

Like me, you will find it a humbling experience.