As we enter Spring, we look back on what has been a roller coaster 2020 so far, with many of us reflecting on what the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to do. I have been forced to become more technologically savvy – in some instances learning from my children. Comforting to know that all that money invested in their education was well spent.

So, we begin planning for the new year because that is what we do. Companies are working on strategy and budgets for 2021. Performance appraisal discussions are taking place inspiring individuals to enhance their skills and sharpen their areas of development. The first thing we do is register for a qualification at an accredited institution. Granted, that is commendable. However, do you know that you can receive acknowledgement for work you have done or skills you have acquired throughout your lifetime which can count towards a qualification? It exists and it is called Recognition of Prior Learning.

Still not sure how this is achieved?

Let our experts coach you through this process by clicking here to access our Recognition of Prior Learning guide.

Seize this opportunity to learn something new and save yourself and your company time and money!