Different learners benefit from different approaches. As a training company with a panel of expert facilitators, we know how important it is to identify the best ‘vehicle’ to support the needs of our learners. In the current environment, we are all juggling family, work, social, and our career commitments.

We have taken this into account and adapted all our offerings for a seamless execution on a hybrid platform. The choice lies with you, the learner. Digital transformation is here to stay, so please try our online workshop if that is your preference.

However, if you are still yearning for the face-to-face interaction. We’ve got your back – attend one of our much sought-after traditional classroom sessions. What are you waiting for, contact us and register for the classroom training?

Our team of experts will conduct the training at the IBTC training venue in Sandton where COVID-19 protocol is in place and strictly followed.

Here are the dates for the next two months.

Name of WorkshopTargeted atDateVenue
RE1Key Individuals24-25 February 2021IBTC in Sandton
RE5Representatives15-16 March 2021IBTC in Sandton
RE1Key Individuals17-18 March 2021IBTC in Sandton

For enquiries and further information, please contact: