Of late, I have attended a few webinars to kick off the year. Nearly all of them touched on digital literacy looking at it from designing trends, user experience and learning perspective. Is this a buzz phrase? Online learning has been around for a while but is now taking off faster than the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut (If you are wondering, this is the car named as the fastest car in the world in 2021).

There are many definitions of digital literacy, but this one from the Australian Government resonates with me as it has a holistic view; “Digital literacy involves knowing how to use a range of technologies to find information, solve problems or complete tasks. Digital literacy is also about knowing how to act safely and respectfully online. (Australian Government, 2016).”

The world is full of learners with a variety of needs and learning styles. For each of us and our organisations to continually top up our potential and remain ‘up-to-date in this increasingly changing and competitive world’, lifelong learning must become a way of life. COVID was the catalyst, igniting a positive marker for us to change from face-to-face to a digital platform, where we can find numerous opportunities for learning especially if we have access to the internet. Through this medium, access to information is endless. I am working on a backyard project and found some awesome tutorials and videos on YouTube.

As part of your learning path, let’s say you want to learn a new language e.g., Zulu, Google would be a good place to search. You are not limited to that; you can find television shows with subtitles and because you can listen to the actors you become familiar with the accent as well. Don’t forget about the social media platform with so many awesome channels which are easily accessible, inclusive, diverse, flexible and fast, catering for all types of learners.

A very close friend of mine has an MBA but is adamant that there is still a lot she needs to learn to complement her formal education. She, like myself, takes short online courses to remain relevant in this competitive world.

Missing hanging out with your friends? Not any longer, you can do that online in the comfort of your home.
 Funeral services are streamed online, and you still get to pay your respects.
On the 24 March I am participating in a “Live Cook-Along” with Chef George Jardine, supporting another industry affected by COVID, having fun and enhancing my culinary skills.

Ponder on that for a minute as it is all done digitally. No one should feel isolated or lost when it comes to technology. At Growth in Motion, we have taken this into account and have been hard at work to boost our learning offerings on a digital platform so that both this, and the next generation of learners, have a minefield of opportunities at their fingertips.

  • Are you looking to enhance your core/soft skills?
  • Do you need to meet the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) deadline of 31 May 2021?
  • Maybe you are looking to advance your career into the field of finance?

Look no further – check out our academy website where you will find a selection of courses and a career opportunity package waiting for you.